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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I register with ParentFinders NB ?

A: We have thousands of people visiting our website every month – people just like you who are searching for birth relatives. When you’re registered in our database, the information is available to our visitors and your opportunity for a successful reunion increases dramatically.

Q: How do I register with ParentFinders NB?

A: Visit our website and complete the Registration Form. Posting information on the website is free, but if you would like an ACTIVE search then we appreciate the registration fee be submitted – but is not a pre-requisite for a search should a match be already on the database. Donations are also much appreciated as PFNB is entirely staffed with volunteer searchers.

Q. Is my information safe?

A. We keep all e-mail addresses secure in such a way that people contacting you will never have direct access to your e-mail address. Your posting will appear as: Adoptee March 3, 1963 John Allan Smith, Saint John, NB -Evangeline Maternity Home. This tells anyone looking at the posting, that there is an adoptee searching that was born in Saint John, NB at the Evangeline Maternity Home on March 3,1 963 who was named John Allan Smith by the birth mother.

Q. Are the names on the website birth names or adoptive names?

A: Always the birth name of the child.

Q: What happens now that I’ve registered?

A: The birth information will be posted on our internet site. Please ensure that you are registered with Post Adoption Services in the province in which you were born. Our hope is that the party you are looking for will see your listing and respond.

Q: When will my listing appear on the ParentFinders NB Registry?

A: If the registration form is properly completed as requested, your listing should appear within a few days. No listing will occur if:

1. No current Name

2. No Current Address

3. No Current Phone Number listed

4. No date of birth or birth surname – we must have one or the other

5. Under 18 years of age

6. Other errors or inaccuracies.

Q: If I am unsure of sibling’s birth date, what do I do?

A: Select Jan 01 & year of birth, include a note in the comments box that you do not know exact birth date.

Q: Why can’t I list my underage child?

A: Our volunteers observe our provincial age restrictions.

Q: How long will my information appear on the PFNB registry?

A: To ensure that our registry is current, registrations expire after 2 years and must be renewed.

Q: What if I have serious medical concerns?

A: Contact the Adoption Disclosure Registry in the Province where the adoption took place.

Q. My province has closed records. What can I do about it?

A. If you live in a “closed records” province such as Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island or Quebec, please consider writing to your MLA in support of open records.

Q. My province has open records. What can I do about it?

A. If you live in a "open records" province you can apply and receive a Statement of Original Registration of Birth which provides adoptees with Full Birth Names, Full Birth Name of Birth Mother and where she was born. This is the link to those forms: FORMS

Q: Who do I notify if I have found the person(s) I am looking for?

A: Please send us an email to parentfindersnb@gmail.com so we can REMOVE your information from our registry.

Q: What is the Post Adoption Services (PAS)?

A: Post Adoption Services is operated by the New Brunswick Ministry of Social Development and they will provide Adoptees and Birth Parents Non Identifying Information about the birth parents and/or adopting parents. This is information that the Social Worker collected at the time of the adoption. It does not contain any names or identifying information. Since April 1, 2018, PAS will also issue Original Statement of Birth Registration to Adoptees and copy of Adoption order to Birth Mothers.

Q: If I think I have a match, what do I do?

A: Contact information for PFNB is on the website. After verification by us, then we obtain current background information about both parties (of the match) and determine if and how each side would like to make contact.

PLEASE NOTE: We are volunteers working from our homes and appreciate respect for our private time.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Please remember to check back with ParentFinders NB on a regular basis and especially if you receive any additional or new information about your search. In addition, please update any contact information. In the event of a MATCH, if we do not have current contact information, it makes it impossible for the MATCH to happen. ? Currently we have several matches that we are unable to make happen!

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